Creating the right match for you –
and our candidates

Here’s how we work together:

  1. Talk to you to make sure we really get it – we have to understand what you need to succeed. We ask about things like soft skills, cultural fit and those little intangibles that make your organization unique.
  1. Identify the best matches between our clients and candidates based on background, interests and talents, and your “must haves.” We’ll search for people with both ability and fit.
  1. Our candidates are screened by experts with in-depth knowledge of each specialty who can accurately assess aptitude and expertise.
  1. Candidates who pass the initial screen are invited to our office to assess their communication, presentation and documentation skills.
  1. Once you select a candidate, they are onboarded and given all the necessary tools they need to seamlessly transition as a consultant or a full-time employee.
  1. We’ll keep in touch to make sure that you and the employee remain happy with the match, provide consulting and support, answer any questions and quickly address any challenges that may arise.

Let’s hire better together today. Contact us.